Orlando Services FAQ List of the most frequently asked questions related to services

Our Limousine Service adds a 20% gratuity charge to all reservations. However, this is just the standard and minimum gratuity required. If your driver does a great job, we absolutely welcome additional tips to show your appreciation for getting you and your loved ones to your destination safely.

In most cases, minimum hourly rental terms will apply. And there are many advantages to this structure, especially for special events and occasions. You have the same vehicle and chauffeur guaranteed for your entire service. You can leave your belongings in the vehicle. You have unlimited stops, the vehicle and chauffeur are available to you as directed. It is generally more relaxing to know that you have the vehicle at your disposal for the specified rental period.

Yes, there may be instances and occasions where a transfer service is possible with the exception of peak demand dates and events. A transfer is basically a direct, one-way pick up and drop, at a set time. Wait time, extra stops and additional driving around are not calculated in the pricing and would add the charges or revert the service to hourly if extensive. It is best to review all details at the time of reservation to determine what type of service will best apply.

All vehicles are strictly NON-SMOKING. If any passenger smokes in a vehicle a minimum cleaning fee of $250.00 will apply, plus cost of repairs for any damage related to smoking. We have a 0 TOLERANCE policy regarding smoking cigarettes or anything else inside any of our vehicles. We like our vehicles to be a pleasant smelling as possible for all of our customers.

All vehicles are stocked with bottled water and mints. Sedans and SUV’s also have Kleenex and daily newspapers. Limousines and Limousine Coaches are set up with ice, bottled water, mints, glassware and napkins. Normally a cooler with bottled water is set up in mini coaches, vans and executive vans. Customers are welcome to bring their own snacks, beverages and coolers. Kegs, Styrofoam or glassware or containers are not permitted on buses or vans. Alcoholic beverages are permitted as long as every passenger in the vehicle is over the age of 21. You may also have us stock your vehicle with beverages and snacks of choice for an additional charge.

We require either a deposit upfront or a credit card guarantee for potential damage or excessive cleaning costs that could occur during the course of a rental.

We do not require our customers to clean up after themselves. However, please, keep in mind that our Limos are usually picking up more customers after your reservation is over. Please, be courteous and do not spill beer, alcohol, etc. all over the limousine. Our drivers work hard to make this experience as pleasant as possible for each and every customer.